Lech Poznan – Korona Kielce …Then and Now.

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The joys of modern football…FUCK EURO 2012 !!!



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Wisla Krakow , then and now…

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Usually when we do a “then and now” post , we show you pictures from years ago ,when everything was nice and sweet and then something from the present, when everything that was good was long forgoten. Today is kind of special, because what we will show is only one week apart.
First , Wisla Krakow fans in Riga, Latvia, where a real supporter’s passion is still allowed…

And then , last night in Krakow, where nothing is allowed any more, and the Polish governement took it upon itself to kill the fan scene…

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Bari-AS Roma …then and now !!!

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Wisla Krakow – Jagiellonia Bialystok , then and now.

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WTF happend to this game? This used to be such a good ultras game….now…

Then… 2007..

… and now 3.04.2011.

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Paris SG – Toulouse … then and now.

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20 Frebruary 2010:

What used to be one of the best ultras scene in Europe.

27 Frebruary 2011:

Club sanctioned choreo and simple fans.

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Then and Now: Fiorentina- Sampdoria.

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Viola fans against Sampdoria:

on 20.02.2011…

and in 2004/2005 season .

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Then and Now… Paok – Olympiakos.

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The month of february seems to be the month when this two teams meet. The place to do it is Toumba Stadium in Thesaloniki.

First 23.02.2008. great atmosphere , old school show with confettis and a decent choreo.

Then, two years ago , on 3.02.2009, a great pyro show.

So, for last night match (2.02.2011) , you would expect something different. But for whatever reason this happened…
The famous Paok Gate 4 was not in the stadium.

Because i can’t speak greek language to save my life, i can’t offer much details and i can’t say if they were banned( i’m guessing for the fight in the away match at Olympiakos Volou) or it’s a protest involved.

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Then and Now…”From Paris with love”.

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Simple…before Colony declared war on Paris SG Ultras

…and after.

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