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Greece Lower Divisions

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:41 pm
by PaoGate_13
Proodeftiki Fans "No Gate". The team is now playing in the 3rd tier but most of the videos are when the team was playing in 4th division.

First training 2011-2012

Last match in 4th Division

Ionikos Fans "Rangers" Gate 3. 4th Division.

Basketball Match


Kalamata Fans "Mayri Thyella" 3rd Division.

[YOUTUBE]12xpIh0ir7I&feature=related[/YOUTUBE] great performance

Iraklis Fans AUTONOME GATE 10. The team is now in 2nd Division but these videos are from 2011-2012 when the club was playing in 4th Division.

First training 2011-2012 :shock: