History of Torcida

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History of Torcida

Postby Irascibil » Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:18 pm

You can read the article on our website :
http://www.europeanultras.com/2011/11/h ... ida-split/
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Re: History of Torcida

Postby Julius » Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:12 am

After the conclusion of second WW, a sudden interest in sport, especially soccer, in Yugoslavia was very big. After the fall of older domestic clubs, new teams have formed (Dinamo, Red Star Belgrade, Patrizan and others), which quickly fitted in with the rest of the clubs that did not change their old names (Hajduk, Sarajevo).Rivalry was huge, and the whole competition was exciting - the champion was always decided at the very last game. Thats how it was on the second last day of October in 1950, when in Split the game between "Hajduk" and "Red Star" was a decider of Yugoslav champion. That year, soccer gained a new wave of popularity - with a bit of help from exciting World Cup that was held in Brazil which was a prefect display of talent, and even more so, a perfect display of their fans, Torcida.With attractive southern atmosphere on Maracana and other Brazilian stadiums personally impressed a group of Hajduk fans, students in Zagreb. As the final game was approaching, with the rivals "Red Star" in 1950 championship, the ambition of supporting their club grew ever so big; in between the group a new idea sparked the flame which held the idea of organizing a ultras group with an influence from Brazilian fans, with the name of Torcida, which will help their team from Split win the champions trophy. The core of the group held 113 students and other young people, mainly from Dalmatia, but there were also some Hajduk fans from other parts of the country. With the help of University committee of Citizens youth Zagreb, that group organized a trip for a few thousands of students and other Hajduk fans from that city for a derby in Split. The last of a trains filled with fans came to Split in early morning on 29th of October 1950. on a Split's train station and were greeted with the music of JRM. The whole city was on its feet, anxiously awaiting the start of the game. A large group of supporters went in early mornings in from of the hotel where the players of "Red Star" were located, initiating a huge noise with sirens, horns, bells and other helpful material.In the next couple of days it was released, in personal interview with Milovan Dlisa, in Belgrades newspaper, a few articles in which Torcida was attacked for their attitude that was displayed on the said game.In commentary "How not to support" released in Borba (Fight) on the 1st of November 1950, it says that the "members of this group held very angry, an appropriate and offensive attitudes which if not stopped would spread the hate between the clubs."
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