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Postby YAKUZA » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:17 am

We seem to have a problem with our topic "Contacts".
This topic has been created to enable the interraction of our forum's users , the swaping of ultras collectables , the selling of ultras related materials from private collections and stuff like that.
However, recently this topic has been used to freely promote some websites and on-line shops.

First of all ..we have a "Links" section...use it !!!
Second...all we ASKED for , was to add our website's link in your links section or blogroll. But nobody did...

So , starting now , some thing will change :

- All the advertising posts will be deleted.
- If in the future somebody would like to promote his website/shop , will have to do so on our "Links " topic , but not before contacting me or Irascibil first and adding our website to his own ( from now on mandatory !).

Thank you !!!
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