Greece Lower Divisions

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Greece Lower Divisions

Postby PaoGate_13 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:41 pm

Proodeftiki Fans "No Gate". The team is now playing in the 3rd tier but most of the videos are when the team was playing in 4th division.

First training 2011-2012

Last match in 4th Division

Ionikos Fans "Rangers" Gate 3. 4th Division.

Basketball Match


Kalamata Fans "Mayri Thyella" 3rd Division.

[YOUTUBE]12xpIh0ir7I&feature=related[/YOUTUBE] great performance

Iraklis Fans AUTONOME GATE 10. The team is now in 2nd Division but these videos are from 2011-2012 when the club was playing in 4th Division.

First training 2011-2012 :shock:
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