The Firm 1989 ( Article )

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The Firm 1989 ( Article )

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The Firm 1989,Football club Vojvodina

FC Vojvodina from Novi Sad, one of the oldest clubs in Serbia, was established in 1914 by the , students of the Great Orthodox Gimnaziumand couple of trading assistants, with the help of influential citizens, intellectuals and artisans.
Its first game, Vojvodina played in Kovilj against FC Sajkas in 1914. Vojvodina won 5:0 and the team included: S. Jocković, J.Ljubojević, M.Milićev, J.Jocković, D.Kovačev, O.Stojanović, U.Čakovac, Ž.Ćeremov, J.Stojanović, S.Ignačev, D.Šijakov.
Vojvodina has been well known for its elegant jerseys made of the clubs red and white colors. The Club adopted them several years after the initiation after coule of students left for Prague to study there and brought back the shirts of Slavia Prague. Interesting fact is that Vojvodina played its first games in blue shirts and white shorts. On “Vidovdan” 1924, the stadium was officially opened and it was named Karadjordje. First international game Vojvodina played against the British Royal Navy team in Novi Sad in 1921 and won 5:2.
The biggest successes Vojvodina had in 1966 and 1989 when we won the national championship title of former Jugoslavia (SFRY). Vojvodina played on all continents of the world and had admirable results. We won games against famous rivals such as: Atletico (Spain), Celtic (Scotland), Nottingham Forrest (UK), MTK (Hungary), Rapid (Austria), Bold Club (Denmark), Munich 1860 (Germany), Panathinaikos (Greece), Guardia (Poland), Slavia (Bulgaria), Roma (Italy), Sparta (Czech Republic), Progresul (Romania), Bareira (Portugal), Corinthians (Brazil), Milan (Italy), Iraklis (Greece), Rangers (Scotland), Portdown (Northern Ireland), Viking (Norway), Ujpest (Hungary), Admira (Austria), Honved (Hungary) and many others amongst whom national teams of Hungary, Romania, Siria and UAE. Vojvodina has competed successfully in all of the most important European Cups, and the greatest result was achieved when Vojvodina won 50th Middle European Cup in 1977.
As one of the most important Serbian clubs, Vojvodina has gained large group of supporters in very short time. The first supporters club was established in 1930. Supporters club helped the FC by organizing the lottery games and organizing the trains for the supporters who wanted to follow the Club at the away games. It was recorded that on May the 3rd 1931, at the game in Sabac against Macva FC, Vojvodina had 150 supporters present, who arrived with 6 large busses. In those great years even several thousands of people went to see Vojvodina play in Osijek, Borovo… Even by steamers (steam boats.
After the Second World War, during fifties and sixties Vojvodina played the most beautiful football,so it had large numbers of supporters. They all went to terrace with the gfllags in their hands. The gathering was organized in the down town of the city and from there the supporters would walk towards the stadium. In those days there were no organized busses so people traveled by trains, coaches, cars all over the country: Belgrade, Nis, Skoplje, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Mostar, Zagreb, Split, Subotica, Pancevo, Vinkovci, Sombor...
The most Vojvodina supporters were seen at Maksimir in 1966, over 4.000. That is when the first incidents begin. In 1957, the players of Rapid Vienna did not come to the third and the final game of the semifinals of Middle European Cup which was supposed to take place in Belgrade. They did not come because they couldn’t be given the guarantees that they will not be physically attacked by Vojvodina supporters. And the previous incidents in Novi Sad showed why they have asked for the guarantees. In the 70’s, Vojvodina had great supporters, who used every chance to give a good beating to the other teams supporters. That is the time when first transparents (slogan flags) arrive to the terrace. One of the first ones was made in 1974. and said: “Supporters from Salajka”. By the end of 70’s and the beginning of 80’s part of the crowd supporting Vojvodina had a routine to go to the away supporters terrace and create incidents. Tada se pojavljuju i prvi transparenti. Jedan od prvih bio je iz 1974.godine "navijači sa salajke". But in 1986 Vojvodina is relegated to the Second Division and supporting group is completely deteriorated – fans started to avoid the stadium and the “main chaps” stopped caring about anything.
But, at those days, the real Vojvodina supporters still remained. At the time a lot of smaller groups existed, where we have to mention: "Tulips", "Beer Drinkers", "Red Crew", "Barabe", "Salajka", "Liman Boys", "Old Town Boys"...
Vojvodina makes express return to the First Division and the idea of uniting all of the supporting groups is born. The idea became reality in March of 1989, when The Supporters Assembly took place and all groups were united into one. It was named Red Firm, all because of West Ham’s Inter City Firm, where Inter City was replaced by red as the official color of Vojvodina FC. Several days later, several youngsters with more urban views have established The Firm (Firma) because they wanted a Serbian name for their group and they have started to work as one of the many sub groups at the terrace
Spring of 1989
The whole city is euphoric, Vojvodina is fighting for the top position and the title and many supporters are back at the stadium. The largest numbers were seen at the matches against Crvena Zvezda and Sloboda from Tuzla – when the Title was celebrated. Supporters like to remember that time as one of the happiest at the terrace (constant cheering, chanting, flags, hats, scarfs, t shirts were made). Big exam Red Firm had in the European Champions Cup. We payed against Hinved (Hungary) in Budapest. Several thousand people left to Budapest to help their team. We lost my minimal difference. The return game was prepared excellently (smoke bombs, papers, roles were prepared), support never seen before, but poor result took us out of competition.
Red Firm gains its full numbers. At the Dinamo Zagreb game (February 1990) because of the incidents (we have taken flags Bad Ble Boys Slavonski Brod and Bad Blue Boys Slavonska Pozega) and 15 minute stoppage of the game and because of the overusing pyrotechnics, Red Firm is moved to the south east part of the stadium. After that game, new, more modern era of supporting starts. The use of pyrotechnics, flags, transparents are regularly used. The first choreographies have been created. The away games were attended in the great numbers and the most interesting ones were in: Osijek, Sarajevo, Banjaluka, Beograd, Skoplje, Subotica, Tuzla, Titograd...

Season 1990/91.
The season was opened with our away game at Marakana where we gave a lesson of cheering to the small number of Gipsy crowd. We had very good days at the home games against: Partizan, Dinamo, Zvezda (both Cup and the Championship), Osijek, Sarajevo and Hajduk. Most of the away games were attended in the large numbers. We had incidents with: Kohorta, UF(in Belgrade), Indians (in Zrenjanin, we have taken the flag “Indans”), Varvari (in Podgorica), Cigani, UF (in Novi Sad), UF (Zemun), again Indians (took away the flag Delije Zrenjanin), Horde Zla (in Sarajevo).

Season 1991/92.
Bosnias were competing in the League almost till the end. At home the best numbers against Sed Star and Partizan (Championship and Cup). All the away games were attended. Incidents: Sokolovi OFK Beograd (we’ve got into the possession of the flag OFK Beograd), UF, Taurunum Boys (both in Novi Sad and Zemun), Meraklije (we”ve taken 3 flags: Working FC, City sign and big one Meraklije), Cigani and UF in Novi Sad, Grobari (incident at the field about the RT flag – we have taken the flag SOUTH GUARD), Meraklije in Nis (taken the FK Niš flag), Cigani (they have taken our flags OKV i Salajka from the fence, and we took RS CLAN, in the fights after the game we have repossessed OKV and took ANIMALS), Blue Marines ( in Subotica).
With the deterioration of the SFRY, stagnation was present in all supporters groups and in The Firm as well. In 1992 Red Firm falls apart. Older chaps moved them self to the East terrace and creat “Stara garda” (Old guards). Most of the sub groups fall apart and the remaining one try to reestablish the image of Red Firm. The most persistent and the most organized group amongst them was Firma (The Firm). The crisis was overcome and new way of the organization among the supporters. At every significant match, Firma creates a spectacle. Besides usual torches and smokes, more choreographies are created, away games are attended regularly, the fights are so common now that it becomes a part of the image of the Firma members.

Season 1992/1993.
Large numbers against Zvezda and Partizan. At the other games, the strong core of the group is present. 70% of the away games were attended. The start of the season will be remembered by destroying of the supporters of the new First League member, Hajduk from Kula. Incidents: In Zemun with the the police (train station destroyed, houses around…), Gipsy crowd (in Novi Sad). Radnicki Nis (in Novi Sad), Blue Marines (Subotica). The best numbers were achieved in Subotica and Becej

Season 1993/94.
Small number of chaps traveled all over the place. New T shirts were made and many new signs and flags. Nice pyrotechnical shows were put up against Partizan and Zvezda. Incidents: Indians (In Zrenjanin and twice in Novi Sad), Meraklije (in Novi Sad), with the police (in Becej), with cigani (in Novi Sad at Volleyball game

Season 1994/1995.
Very interesting season, choreographies are much better, successful away matches. The Season started with the fight with the Blue Marines, where we took the flag “Prozivka” from their fence. Nice torches at the Partizan game. Incidents in Nis with Meraklije, with cigani in Novi Sad, at the west terrace in Subotica with the Marines. Interestin detail is that Firma had two away matches in one day and has successfully done it. One was away football match against OFK in Belgrade and the other was a basketball game in Subotica against BC Spartak (there were incidents there). Rock exchange with Meraklije at the game in Nis, where Vojvodina confirmed that they will finish the half season at the first place. During the winter (football) break , we were following basketball team a lot. We visited Ruma, Subotica and Zrenjanin with a lot of incidents to follow. Two very nice choreographies were done in the second half of the season. One against Partizan (red and white cartoons) and the other one agains Zvezda (cartoons shaped as the EU flag with the slogan: “This is Europe for you”)
Incidents: we scared Cigani away in front of the North terrace at Marakana, with the Marines (in Novi Sad – basketball), Indians (basketball in Novi Sad), Becej with locals and the police, with cigani (in Novi Sad, we have taken “Novi Zednik selo malo, za Zvezdu sve bi dalo” flag), with cigani (Novi Sad in volleyball

Season 1995/1996.
The beginning of the season was marked by large numbers of supporters at the games with Zvezda and Partizan in Novi Sad. Vojvodina Volleyball Club plays great in the European Champions Cup and the best cheering was seen in Novi Sad against Sisley. In Segedin (Hungary) against Medikemija incidents start with the Croatian water polo players and continue with the Hungarian police. On 4th of May, 1996an the home game against Rad (Belgrade) Firma decides to separate from the resto of the supporters, moves to the South terrace, where couple of smaller groups join them. Firma tried always to be different from the others and accepted only the adults in its rows. Firma gains more and more members and shows that they are the group that is so much needed not only for the club, but for the city it self. Incidents: with cigani (in Novi Sad at football match, at handball with Jugovic, when cigani came to the game with BFC), with Jakuzas (in Krusevac), in Backa Palanka with the police(handball game), with Meraklije (in Nis), with cigani in Belgrade (they have taken our “Skinheads NS” flag), with Bekrije (in Novi Sad we have taken there main flag “Bekrije”). Also, we need to mention that on the way to Belgrade to the volleyball game against VC Partizan, we had huge incidents in Stara Pazova because of demolition of supermarket, the epilog: 217 arrested.

Season 1996/97:
Vojvodina played in two rounds of UEFA Cup, against Northern Irish club Portdown and Austrian Graz. In Novi Sad, the atmosphere was good, but very small number turned out at the away games abroad, because of the problems with visas. We went to all of the away games and the largest numbers were in Nis, Zrenjanin and Paracic with the culmination where we filled the cage at Maraana against Zvezda in the Cup finals. Nice pyrotechnical activities could be seen in Zrenjanin, Zemun, Kula, Belgrade and Nis, as well as both games of the Cup finals. Incidents: At the game against Proleter (both Novi Sad and Zrenjanin) we took their flags "Julci" and "Julci Petrovgrad". We took flag “Budisavcani” from Cigani. In Nis because of the “self service” at the gas stations the full bus ended up in the police statons in Cicevac and Paracin Fight with the police at Marakana.

Season 1997/98.
The war with the club management continues, and it culminates when we were deprived from any help of the club to travel to Norway, to the UEFA Cup game against the Viking from Stavanger. The boycott lasted through the most part of the autumn part of the season, so the number of supporters was very small. Unlike football team, volleyball team played great in European Champions Cup. Great atmosphere at all games and great choreography in the SPENS hall throughout whole west terrace against Modena VC. Incidents: in Zemun with the police and in Novi Sad against Cigani..

Season 1998/99.
The season started with Vojvodina games in Inter Toto Cup, where Vojvodina played in the finals. In the first two rounds the opponents were unknown Scandinavian clubs: Stabek (Norway) i Erebro (Sweden). UEFA forbid the usage of the North and South terrace so Firma had to be present with the rest of the supporters at the East terrace. In the third round the opponent was Russian Baltika. Very good appearance of the Firma and because of the overdosed usage of the pyrotechnics the club was fined with 10.000 CHF. Part of the supporters went to the game with the club in the airplane, but the rest couldn’t because of very expensive tickets to such far destination and due to very expensive transit visas through Poland and Slovakia. In the 4th round, we played against Bastia (France). In Novii Sad unbelievable cheering. At the full East terrace, and 4:0 was more than enough to go through to the Finals and double match against Werder (Germany). Northern terrace was opened although UEFA did not allow it. Choreography was done both in the West and East terrace. Such tense atmosphere was never seen in Novi Sad. But this was not enough to beat very strong German team. The number of the Firma members grow rapidly, most of the supporters from the East terrace join The Firm. The away games are attended with great numbers and new items and choreographies are made. In January and February of 1999 we traveled to two abroad matches in the European Champions Cup in volleyball. One bus of the supporters followed the team in Bratislava and Trevizo. In Bratislava, we remember big fight in the down town against local shiptars. During NATO bombing, we followed V
Vojvodina at three friendly games in Vrbas, Backi Petrovac and Palic.

Season 1999/00.
Season started great! Vojvodina participated in UEFA Cup against Ujpest (Hungary).
In Novi Sad, incidents against Ultra Viola Bulldogs. Great numbers and excellent cheering. The return match was played in Vac, outskirts of Budapest. In Budapest, 350 hooligans of Vojvodina were creating the true chaos. It started with the security people of the Chinese market, transmitting to the down town of the city where we destroyed and heavily beat Bad Blue Boys (Croatia – they played the day earlier against MTK) and all ended at our buses where we clashed with the Security Police. Epilog: 34 arrests od Vojvodina supporters, tens of injured Hungarian and Croatian hooligans. After we have won against Ujpest, we had to play against Slavija (Czech Rep.). We could not host the game so we had to play in Skopje (FROYM). We have some provocation with the KFOR and shiptars. At the return match, one bus of the supporters goes to the game. Even we have lost, the Prague remained in the great memories. At the end of the season, players started a strike and the matches were poorly visited. The supporters turn away towards hand and volleyball teams. Good numbers could be seen at the games against Zvezda and Metaloplastika. Incidents: heavily damaged buses of Red Devils , with Indians in Zrenjanin, with Chete in Novi Sad and Blue Union in Novi Sad.
Season 2000/01.
Although the results of the team were bad, the group gets, unbelievably. a lot of new members. And huge crowds go tot the home and away games. Incidents: Fight with cigani prior to game, incidents in Belgrade against Zvezda (volleyball), fight with the police in Gornji Milanovac on our way to Niksic game, prior and after the game fight with the police in Zemun, attack on the general management of Partizan FC, problems with the police in Vracar and attack on the players on the high way because of the poor results. Secon part of the season starts greatly, 3 buses go to Kragujevac where Red Devils were “deteriorated” in front of their own field. The first time Firma had 450 people at Marakana against cigani. One could see everything there, injured cops, police vehicles, KKK hats, gipsy crowd could not do anything that thay! We managed to organize a chase after them in Novi Beograd. In the play offs in volleyball, 400 of us turned out at the away game against Milicionar. Incidents in Zemun, we took their flag “FK ZEMUN”. At the Belgrade train station ,Subotica crew of Delije was devastated. Problems with the police in Smederevo. Season ended in the beautiful style with the celebration of the 12 years of Firma. Several different choreographies took place at the terrace (huge smoke curtain, cartoon mirrors, torches, etc.).

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