The Malherbe Normandy Kop 96 ( Article )

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The Malherbe Normandy Kop 96 ( Article )

Postby Irascibil » Mon Jul 30, 2007 1:16 pm

The Malherbe Normandy Kop 96

is an ultra group who support the “Stade Malherbe de Caen”, in Normandy, in the North-West of France. The group was formed in March 1996 by members of former groups such as “Brigade Viking” and “The Gunners Caen 91”. Soon, all the former “Brigade Viking” members disappeared and the group mainly compromised of former “Gunners”. Since the beginning the group is totally independent towards the club, and has never received any funds from it. The group’s money comes from the membership cards, sales, raffles... The group stands in the “Populaire B” stand, which will later be called “Tribune Luc Borrelli”. Finally, it is important to add that the MNK96 is a group of supporters and not a political party, politics are left outside the “Stade Michel d’Ornano”.

A few months after the group was formed, the S.M.Caen was promoted to the “Première Division”. The group grew larger and managed to build up great atmospheres at home and away. The following year, the team was relegated to the “Deuxième division”. The next years weren’t the most exiting football-wise, but the group picked up more and more experience and could count on at least 100 people behind the group banner. At the start of the 2002-2003 season, the group decided to move to the middle of the stand, behind the goal, so as to have a bigger impact on the stand. The 2003-2004 season saw the group growing very quickly. The atmosphere was better and better, the football on the field was improving too, and the S.M.Caen was promoted at the end of a fantastic season. The 2004-2005 season was another great one for the MNK96. 9 coaches were driven down to Rennes for the Normandy-Brittany clash. In February, the League Cup semi-final against Monaco at home was one of the group’s best ever games. The whole stadium went crazy for a brilliant 3-1 win sending the team through to the final. The final in the Stade de France was another game to remember for its atmosphere, although they lost 2-1. This exiting season, in which we beat French giants Monaco, Lyon and Marseille, finished badly as they were relegated.

Today, the group is composed of a few former “Gunners” and of many new younger members. There are between 200 and 300 members and a block of 800 to 1000 fans moving and singing behind the banner.
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