Summary of the Dutch scene

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Summary of the Dutch scene

Postby GrasuB » Sun Sep 09, 2007 4:51 pm

Dutch Ultra/Hoolie Scene

The Dutch hooligan scene really started in the 1970's with a growing number of incidents occurring at matches. At first these incidents usually took the shape of disgruntled fans attacking match referees or opposition players. Later this was to change with violence breaking out at anytime, before or after matches and now involving rival fans fighting with each other.

The 1970's were to see the introduction of 'Sides' - groups of fans who took their names from the section they were usually located in, and on match day it became the norm for these 'Sides' to try and outstrip the opposition side in toughness etc.

Many believe football violence in Holland was born after the visit of Tottenham to Feyenoord in the UEFA Cup Final 2nd leg in 1974. Spurs fans were involved in riots in Rotterdam before and after the game with over 70 arrests and 200 fans injured. After this many Dutch clubs found hooligan problems of their own. The 70's also saw the 'Sides' increasingly equipping themselves with knives, belts, hammers, fire crackers and other weaponry. The most notorious side at the time were FC Utrecht Bunnikzidje, Ajax F-Side, Feyenoord Vak-S, and Midden Noord of Den Haag.

Effective segregation inside the ground resulted in the Sides targeting the opposition goalkeeper with missiles, such as stones, darts and fire crackers etc. The worse case of this was in 1987 when a fragmentation bomb was thrown on to the pitch during a Holland - Cyprus match and almost led to the Dutch being banned from the European Championships, also in 1989 Ajax were banned for 1 year from Europe because some F-Siders throw iron bars at a European fixture.
The 1980's saw an enormous increase in violence outside the stadium. The violence saw shop being looted and passers-by being attacked and robbed and havoc was often raised on the public transport such as trains and trams.

The 1990's have seen the Sides become more organised to escape the watchful eye of the better organised police, this saw the use of mobile phones, now common place throughout Europe, and there is no better example of this than the incident at Beverwijk in March 1997 when rival Ajax - Feyenoord hooligans organised a fight which left one leading member of the Ajax F-Side dead and a number seriously injured on both sides. This incident led to a public outcry at the level of violence among football fans in the country, it is yet to be seen what effect this incident has on hooliganism in Holland.

Without a doubt the best games for Dutch fans are matches against German teams, these games often lead to severe trouble. The Dutch national side though has not been plagued by the same trouble as it's club side, on the few occasions hooligans do follow the national team it is usually followers of Den Haag, Feyenoord, Den Bosch and Groningen that travel and it is usually fixture against the Germans, in general though the Dutch support are usually loveable, orange clad, heavy drinkers.

Dutch Ultra/Hoolie Groups

ADO Den Haag: North Side, Midden Noord, Vak G.

Ajax Amsterdam: F-Side, Vak 410, AFCA, 4th.

AZ Alkmaar: Ben-Side, Red White Fanatics.

Cambuur Leeuwarden: M.I.-Side.

De Graafschap: Brigata Tifosi, Spinnenkop.

FC Den Bosch: M-Side.

FC Dordrecht: Dikeside.

FC Groningen: Z-Side, Groningen Fanatics.

FC Twente: Vak P.

FC Utrecht: Bunnikside, UHF.

Feyenoord Rotterdam: Vak S, SCF, FIIIR, DeF, FRL.

Heracles Almelo: BTE Almelo.

MVV Maastricht: Angel-Side, Ultrasmestreech

NAC Breda: Vak G, B-Side, F7 Ultras.

NEC Nijmegen: Vak 080, Legio Noviomagum.

PSV Eindhoven: L-Side, Oostfront, Lighttown Madness.

SC Heerenveen: Nieuw Noord.

Sparta Rotterdam: Tifosi del Castello, Spangenaren.

Vitesse Arnhem: Rijnfront, Vak 126.

Willem II Tilburg: Kingside, Tilburg Tifosi.

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Postby DonnieBrasco » Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:08 pm

Are UCS still running the game?
i thought there were out of business.

Nieuw-Noord i don't get them, the got 1100 members and at away machtes the hope they can find 100 fans ( not ultras just fans)
when vak410 or FRL got 1100 members i bet, they take every awaymatch more than 500 ultras
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Re: Re:

Postby Feyenoord-Boys » Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:02 am

DonnieBrasco wrote:Are UCS still running the game?
i thought there were out of business.

Nieuw-Noord i don't get them, the got 1100 members and at away machtes the hope they can find 100 fans ( not ultras just fans)
when vak410 or FRL got 1100 members i bet, they take every awaymatch more than 500 ultras

Wow, haha very late reaction here, sorry mate.

UCS is stopped now to bad, was a nice group. Nieuw Noord is maybe the baddest group of Holland. First their banner was stolen by FC Groningen, the main rivals of SC Heerenveen. And when they have free traveling to a away match they are (like you said) not many people. Vak 410 and FRL are small groups with big size of people helping them vocal. The real Vak 410 and FRL are maybe 30 man each making actions, the real boys. But true Ajax (Vak 410) and Feyenoord (FRL) have a good away support. The Feyenoord away gates are always sold out, well this season they are. And the season before this there where only two gates not total sold out. Hope to helped you.
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