Summary of the Finnish scene

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Summary of the Finnish scene

Postby GrasuB » Sun Sep 09, 2007 5:01 pm

Finnish Fan Scene

Finland as a footballing nation is a third world country. Same goes with the culture surrounding football. Lack of atmosphere in Finnish club games is astounding. I bet this odd, mystical silence in games psyches visiting foreign clubs out. God's sake most of the games I visited last year made Highbury look like a cauldron. A couple of years ago Jari Litmanen, Finland's only true star in football, said: "The difference between fans at Ajax and in Finland is big. Ajax have true supporters while in Finland you will almost exclusively find football watchers. An Ajax fan wears the club shirt and shouts and sings for his team. In Finland, visiting a football match is just like visiting the movies. If anyone starts yelling and singing, he will be ejected by the police right away. If you start a song, they think some kind of lunatic is sitting in the stands."

But lately things have been improving. A couple of TIFO groups have been formed and the only firm in Finland, SPH of Jokerit, have turned it's attention more and more to football (originally a firm of ice hockey club Jokerit). Most prominent TIFO groups are FCLK of Fc Lahti and Forza HJK of HJK Helsinki. I and propably most of the other supporters rate FCLK as a best TIFO group in Finland. Finnish league bosses nominated Forza HJK as the best TIFO group in Finland. I think that says it all. Forza HJK are a bunch of league officials' arse licking saddos. They have about 200 members.

FCLK boasts smaller numbers but are clearly louder (they don't have to trust to drum group sponsored by club) and independent (the account their membership payments are paid is not the club's account). I have to underline that these groups contain only scarfers.

In internationals things are much better. Nutter turnout is always a bit of mystery. For example in the game against Moldova, Finland had propably the best firm ever out and it went off even though there were no away supporters (see pic above). Finnish firm had a go with over-eager stewards and OB (based on the way they act it could be said that they are Finland's number one mob). This time Finnish hooligans came on the top. On the other hand in latest game against Krauts Finnish hools failed to show.

Propably the best ruck was in a game against Turkey. When Turkish supporters' escort arrived it kicked off. A good hundred Finnish boys piled in through their escort. Turks were copping a good hiding until OB's reinforcements arrived. The game was full of incidents (mainly infighting, as usual) and after it Finnish boys tried to have a go with Turks but this time OB handled the situation (see pic on left).

Another game worth a mention was the game against Hungary in WC98 qualifier. Finland had to win to reach play-offs but drew it 1-1. After Hungary's goal (horrific own goal by Finland, three minutes in injury time) quite a few Finns just lost it. It wasn't only the boys but it was mainly scarfers who tried have a go with jubilant Hungarians. After the OB managed to get their act together, the Finns' anger turned on them. Some time ago one lad spoke with OB, who was in charge of security in Olympic Stadium that day, and he (OB) admitted that he had never feared so much.

Policing in Finnish club matches is laid-back. There is no segregation (new stadium of FC Jokerit will be the first stadium in Finland which has segregation) and rarely even OB. Almost only matches with OB presence are FC Jokerit home games. After the Hungary match, internationals and eurocup matches have been the opposite. OB and stewards are out in numbers and don't mess about. Ice hockey matches provide much more fun than football. Every league club has some boys looking for aggro, but it's usually unorganized and spontaneous. Apart from SPH of Jokerit, IFK Helsinki boys are only ones with some organization. The Finnish scene is small but it's growing.
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Postby Kopite » Tue Jan 08, 2008 5:36 pm

This is a very short text about the Finnish ultras scene from my perspective. The Finnish scene is slowly rising as there has been many new good groups founded in the last couple of years. Ice-hockey is still the main sport in Finland and has the three biggest ultras groups in Finland the Ultras Jokerit, Stadin Kingit who are HIFK supporters(and also follow there own football team) and the Ultras 06 who follow Vaasan Sport. In football the attendances at the stadiums are still very bad, but the actual fan groups are improving. At the front the FCLK from Lahti, Sakilaiset from Helsinki and Sinikaarti from Tampere. Tifos have become more regular at big games and most groups rather sing then shout slogans which is sadly a quite new thing in Finland. The police in Finland are one of the main reasons why the Finnish groups have a hard time improving as the cops think that torches and bangers are same as hooliganism... Also the stewarts in Finland are usually amatours with basically no training so they provoke a lot of problems usually with the away fans as some of them may even have the hometeams cap on, or chear when the home side scores. Still things are slowly getting better especially in the bigger citys (Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Lahti). The future seems brighter for some Finnish teams as groups for younger fans who have some kind of an "ultras type of mentality" are getting more and more popular. Groups like Grabbarna 09 or Nuorisokaarti for HIFK or Young Boys and Brigata Giallorossa 103 for Jokerit are showing that the younger people want a different kind of an atmosphere at the stadiums then there has been in Finland before.
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