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Ultras Spezia

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The "Ultras" group was born in La Spezia during the 1974/75 football season when some guys, that had always followed the team "spezia f.b.c.1906", decided to join together their support of the team, either at home or away matches..

Placed in the middle of the tiers the 'Ultras Spezia' are recognizable by their black banner with the white word "Ultras" and in the centre a big skull. At that time the U.SP met at bar "Malta" or bar "Cavallino" in the heart of the town. The first away match they organizzed travel to was S.Giovanni valdarno (Arezzo) by coach, on october 27th 1974 and the team won 1-0.

Memorable are the epic crashes during the frequently derbies, with Lucchese, Massese, Arezzo, Pistoiese, Reggiana, and particullary with Pisa supporters, but it's to be remembered the 3rd october 1976 match in Pisa at " arena Garibaldi" stadium when Spezia supporters, about 150, all wearing a white sweatshirts, clashed with local supporters, thus began a big rivaliry with Pisa. A rivalty also with the other Tuscany fans also developed during this period .

In the 1979/80 season it a friendship with "Ultras Tito Cucchiaroni Sampdoria" began , during a match at the "Marassi" stadium in Genova between Sampdoria and Pisa, this friendship still exists today. In the early 80's the ultras moved from the tier to the curva "ferrovia", there had grown a very big hatred towards the tuscany supporters, with the exception of the Livorno's fans "the ultras fossa" but this now has deteriorated.

In the "curva" appear big flags and white papers stripes, together with a fanatical support from the "Ultras", because of this atmosephere the "Picco" stadium became a place where few visiting groups would dare to visit or show banners. A day to o be remembered is the away match at Voghera in june 1985, when the ultras supported the team to an exciting salvation. The 1985/86, year of promotion in c1 saw the Ultras Spezia group as the best group in their category. The group followed in mass home and away, from Lucca to Sassari (by ship), from Civitavecchia to Rome, and the U.SP gave lessons in choreograpies and support everywhere giving them respect and being feared by rival groups, till the june of 1986 when 12,000 supporters, at Picco stadium celebrated the triumph of the players. The clubs most famous players are Sergio Borgo and Andrea Telesio, "the bomber".

The next season was still brilliant for the group in particullary the 88/89 when the team graced the "B". Away matches at the time saw followings of 5000 in Lucca, 3000 in Reggio Emilia, 2000 in Bergamo, 1500 in Monza and Tortona (AL). By the "white trains" every where in Italy, fear, admiration but mostly envy, were the feelings from rival supporters, their place is the "curva piscina".

A friendship with U.T Doria and Boys Parma developed over the years, while the friendships with B.G.B Modena and U.F Livorno disappeared, but also a liking to Savona fans developed. The most sung song from the ultras is "è la b che noi vogliamo,è per questo che lottiamo", but this remains just a dream.

During the 90's the U.SP were still present in every stadium, from numbers between 10-300 in spite of the teams poor performances, now the Ultras Spezia is allocated the new maxi "curva ferrovia". In spite of the poor performances from the team the U.S.group still follow the team, and there still exists a friendship with Sampdoria and Parma supporters and recently a friendship with Boys Varese.

During these years many members of the group have left, some by choice, some for other reasons, Zanzucchi and Tepepa (two of founders of the group) have died, but once your a member of U.SP, you always have the black and white colours in your heart.
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