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"Szalikowiec" fanzine interview with "14"

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:50 am
by sofia_boy
1.Tell us a bit of the history of your group?And tell what is now(How many members do you have? Can everybody become a member?whats your goal for the next years? etc)?
The “14” flag was displayed for the 1st time at the Litex – CSKA game in august 2007. Members of the group are all lads from the former groups “Banda Sever”, some lads from the skinhead group “Ariana Boys”(both groups were existing from the beginning of the century) and other ultras. The group has about 60 members and unites most of the hardline and aggressive CSKA fans from the new generation. Our goals are to support CSKA in the best way everywhere they play and “off the pitch” as well.

2.What is the meaning of the name North Side 14?
The name of the group is “14”, it comes from the 14 words “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Bulgarian children!”.

3.Is your group influenced by other scenes or countries?
Of course there are some influences but we try to do whatever we do in our own style, according to our own mentality and views.

4.Who is your biggest enemies (WHY?), and who is your friends?
On club level the biggest rivalry in Bulgarian football is between CSKA and lefsky, it’s the same on the ultra/hooligan scene. The other bitter rivalry is with Lokomotiv Plovdiv’s hools, the so-called “Lauta army”.Games between CSKA and Loko Plovdiv top the high-risk table of the police.
We don’t have any friends in Bulgaria as a group. Of course some lads have personal friendships with supporters of other clubs, but on club or group levels, CSKA ultras are on their own!
We’re totally against those nowadays-fashionable “friendships” and “brotherhoods” on club level. Media here and some supporters think that CSKA fans are “orthodox friends” and “army brothers” with Steaua or Partizan fans, but these are all personal relationships of a small amount of supporters.

5.How is your relationship with your club?
We’re happy with the current state of the club, the management is proper, so we support the board and the coaching staff. We were “in war” with the previous board and especially with chairman Alexander Tomov, but he’s gone now and things are going in the right direction.
If you’re asking if we receive any help from the club with our trips, choreos, etc., I say “14” are on their own regarding those matters.

6.What’s your group political view?
I think the name of groups is enough to declare our political orientation. We’re nationalists, right-wingers.

7.How do you travel on away games?
Sometimes we use trains, sometimes we hire busses, but recently we use cars.

8.How do you finance your coreographies, tours and etc.?
Our groups is not responsible for choreos, but we make message-banners and get pyro to stadia. We count on our own money for whatever we do – banners, pyro, trips to away games…
Choreos are organized by the National Fanclub and the financing comes from annual membership fees.

9.What is about the hooligan movement in Sofia or generally in Bulgaria, it become smaller or growing?
In recent years the movement is changing, in the 90’s it was more ultras style, more weapons and missiles were used, often - bombs. In the past 4-5 years the casual style came here, some firms stopped using objects and tend to fight with bare hands. However, lefsky cunts always use portative batons, they sometimes call some thugs to fight for them, who have nothing to do with football at all.
Coppers and courts are now with different attitude to football related violence, we’re treated as top criminals of the country, so from that point of view the scene degenerated a bit…

10.Is there any other big teams in same city as you belongs to? If yes, do you have any problems with this on normal days?
Yes, the second biggest club in Bulgaria is lefsky, also from Sofia. And yes, random and not so random fights are happening in normal days as well.
There are 2 more 1st league clubs in Sofia – Loko and Slavia. They have very small numbers of ultras so we don’t have any real scuffles with them. They fight between themselves sometimes…

11.One point of the modern football is the increasing repression by the government, maybe you could they some examples of CSKA for repression (e.g. how many stadium-bans North SIde have) and where are the problems with repression in Bulgaria (stadium-bans, forbidden choreos, etc.) ?
Choreos on the National stadium, where we play derbies with lefsky and international games, where forbidden a few years ago, but now are allowed, so that’s not a problem. Stadium bans, fines are applied for arrested lads, and of course most of the times they’re beaten in police stations.
I can’t say an exact number of bans that we have, some had and are now back to stadia, some got banned recently…

12.Do your group have problems with the police?
Of course, as every normal ultras group, we have problems with coppers. They hate us, we hate them.

13.Media in Bulgaria objectively describe events ultras/hooligans? Would rather be against you?
Media are never objective when they report riots and disorder, but they praise us for our support – singing, chanting, choreos…

14.Is the ultras style accepted by more "normal" fans in Bulgaria, or do they see ultras as criminals?
Normal fans are pleased with some aspects of ultras activity and condemn others. When we fight, they’re against us; when we support the team, they’re with us.
People that are totally out of football see us as criminals, scum, low-lives.

15.Can you tell someting about the Bulgarian scene?
The scene here is not very big, I say there are about 10 crowds that are really on it. Most crowds are right-wing, some are not political and veeery few are left-wing scum.
Biggest events on our scene are international games – they gather biggest crowds. After that, most anticipated games are CSKA – Lefsky, the so-called Eternal derby; Loko – Botev, the derby of Plovdid, the 2nd biggest city here; Cherno more – Spartak, the derby of Varna, the 3rd biggest city of Bulgaria. As I said before, very hot games are those between CSKA and Loko Plovdiv. Also very hot are away games in Lovech – incidents happen every time we or lefsky play there, and not with home fans, but with coppers.

16.What is your opinion of the Ultramovement in Poland?
I consider Polish ultras ones of the best in Europe – great support, great choreos, spectacular pyro shows, lots of violence. The only thing I don’t admire is those friendships between groups and whole crowds, that are very popular in Poland. Another thing is that we are not sure that all of your gym freaks are there because they really love their clubs or only for the fight and way of life.

17.What is your opinion of the Ultramovement in Europe, which scene are in your view the best and which scene have a good development?
I think Balkan scenes are very good, as well as Austria, Switzerland, French is very spectacular but most of them are African subhumans… Russians make marvelous choreos and have maybe the best hooligan scene, but in terms of singing they’re far from the best. Italians have glorious past but nowadays they’re cunts who can fight only with bombs and knives.

18.Have you any interesting trips with your club you can tell a bit about?
The last very interesting trip was last May when played against Litex in Lovech. We had problems with ACAB in the stadium and when we went outside, fights started. Coppers outnumbered us and ran us. They arrested 20-25 lads, including some “14” members. We went there by bus, 80 lads in it, but during the fights, coppers forced the driver to go and only 15-20 lads returned to Sofia with it. The rest had to find different ways to go home, some used cars, some went to nearby town of Pleven to catch a train… ACAB!
Few lads travelled to Moscow last month for the Dynamo – CSKA “Europa League” game. Now we are planning our next international aways and looking forward to the away game with Roma

(obviously the Polish guy is not very good with the English :D it's a pity that the interview was taken before our trips to Rome, London and Basel...)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:21 pm
by dude
In the article the lad sais the group has an ok relationship with the club's leardership . What is their point if view now, seeing that a big part of the CSKA ultras are protesting against the owners?
Thanks in advance for the answer.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:20 pm
by sofia_boy
100% against the management

PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 4:11 pm
This one is for our friend sofia_boy...


This flag belongs to the group "14"...i recognise the lettering...and it was captured by your rivals, Levski, right? Can you please give us any details on how that happened? And that torn to peaces is a CSKA banner?

Cheers !

Cheers !

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:58 pm
by sofia_boy
Stupid story about our banner - the guy who had been keeping it, took it to a volleyball game in Samokov (60km from Sofia, their hall has license from FIVB so CSKA volley team hosts international rivals there), cattles saw it on tv and 2 cars waited for him in front of his apartament, they beat him, take this banner plus some personal items - keys, wallet, mobile phone (mentalita' ultras...).

The torn pieces on the photo are from an old choreo of ours. This choreo plus some other banners have been stolen from the offices of the official fanclub and of USF, which are in our stadium. Don't know how they got in...

not that it excuses us, but none of those trophies had been taken in a fight

Re: "Szalikowiec" fanzine interview with "14"

PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:56 am
So it's the group's banner , not just a simple flag ( for waving). Did the group disbanded?

Re: "Szalikowiec" fanzine interview with "14"

PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:05 am
by sofia_boy
The initial purpose of the banner was political propaganda, but it't occurance coincided with the disbanding of 2-3 ultras/hool groups within our section, and those lads started standing behind the banner. Other people associated them with the banner so a new group was formed. So yes, it was a group banner. As for the group itself, we'll see.

Re: "Szalikowiec" fanzine interview with "14"

PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:09 am
OK man...thanks for the info.

Re: "Szalikowiec" fanzine interview with "14"

PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:38 pm
by Ultras_Sofia
Now the strongest groups like USF,"14",Legion etc. and fans not in goups who stand with them form a new union in our stand called Офанзива/Ofanziva/Offensive.We stay ayaw from the leadr of the national fan club "Duche" who takes money from the club and tried to chase "14" from the stands.Now we are free ultras tribune!

Re: "Szalikowiec" fanzine interview with "14"

PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:14 am
by Irascibil
Ultras_Sofia wrote:Now the strongest groups like USF,"14",Legion etc. and fans not in goups who stand with them form a new union in our stand called Офанзива/Ofanziva/Offensive.We stay ayaw from the leadr of the national fan club "Duche" who takes money from the club and tried to chase "14" from the stands.Now we are free ultras tribune!

i was in cluj when you played against steaua :) sofiya_boy told me that ofensiva had 3 buses , that's a strong group in my opinion :D