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Aberdeen Red Ultras ( Article )

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 4:13 pm
by Irascibil
The Aberdeen Red Ultras were formed in the 1999/2000 season and at the time were Scotland's first Ultras group.

In Scotland there is now a few other groups who have followed the path set by the Red Ultras, however the Red Ultras remain the best Ultras group in both Scotland and the UK.

Red Ultra membership currently stands at around the 80 mark. The original banner, picture enclosed, is displayed at every home and away game in true Ultras fashion. The group has a good relationship with the Aberdeen fans in general who always help with any display we do.

The group's honourary president is Neil Simpson, a legendary player for Aberdeen in the 1980's when Aberdeen were one of Europe's great teams.

Our journey to where we stand today has not been without its battles and with ever increasing police powers it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the coreo's the group has produced in the past. Very much like the song the fans love to sing however we will continue to Stand Free.

The group is looking forward to season 2007/2008 and a return to the Uefa Cup for Aberdeen FC. The group is planning our most exciting displays to date and hope to produce our most active and exciting season to date, on and off the pitch.