Romanian Ultras ( Article )

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Romanian Ultras ( Article )

Postby Irascibil » Tue Jun 19, 2007 4:14 pm

The Romanian ultra' movement is young, as before 1989 the communist regime made it impossible for any form of organized supporters groups to exist. After the Revolution, people started to follow their team, both home and away. Back then the only form of support was singing the name of the club or of players. You could also see, here and there, some lost flags with the colors of the club.

Foreign influences started to be felt; the opening of the borders brought access to information about supporters in other countries and their way of manifesting. The model which was followed then and is still the dominant one today is the ULTRAS one.

The Romanian teams to which the media gives the most attention are concentrated in Bucuresti (the capital city): Steaua (former team of the army, Dinamo (former team of the police) and Rapid (team of the railroads). Besides them, you can find a large number of fans which are supporting their local team in Timisoara (Politehnica Timisoara), Craiova (Universitatea Craiova) or Cluj (Universitatea Cluj).

In 1995, the ultras of Steaua Bucuresti united to form the first ultra' group in Bucuresti: ARMATA ULTRA'. Due to its name (ultra' army) and the innovative style of support, it shortly became a synonym for all Steaua fanatics, which established themselves in the North terrace. After several years in which Armata was a real force in the Romanian scene, it disappeared because of internal problems and of incidents with the new club's owner. There were many attempts to bring back the North terrace to its former value but this didn't happen. In the present the supporters of Steaua stay in the North stand (the ones loyal to the club's owner- groups such as Titan Boys, Desant, TK, Nucleo). Some independent elements relocated in the South terrace (groups like Vacarm, Stil Ostil, Ultras).

Dinamo, the arch-rival of Steaua, had in NUOVA GUARDIA, in 1996 the ultras elements which clearly separated themselves from the old supporters. With a support very similar to the one in Italy, Dinamo ultras started little by little to form new groups and to bring a feeling of unity in the North terrace, later renamed Peluza Catalin Haldan (PCH), after the captain of Dinamo, which tragically died of the pitch in 2000.Internal problems were present also in this powerful terrace, so that in 2003 the group Boys moved to the South side. This year they were followed by Brigate, so that now Dinamo has ultra'groups in both sides of the stadium: in the North, which remained the most important side of the stadium are the old Nuova Guardia and other grups like Front'48. Dogs of War, Energizatii and in the South, with Boys, Irascibilii and Brigate.

1997 was the year in which Rapid supporters moved to the North terrace and started their ultra' journey. The name which was representing the ultra' block was Legione Granata. Later, the name was changed to its Romanian meaning: Legiunea Visinie. Besides it, some ultra' groups appeared: Maniacs, Ultras Unione , Official Hooligans. A fact worth mentioning is the friendship between Rapid fans and CVUCS of Timisoara.

Also in 1997, Universitatea Craiova, recognized by many for their warm support, chose the South terrace for their ultra' activity. Even if the name for the whole terrace changed (Atomic Lions, Commando Ultra' Curva Sud, Peluza Sud, etc.), inside it strong groups appeared: 2000- Sezione Ultra', 2001- Freak Boys, 2002 - Teste Matte, in a pro-ultras climate, at the time. In the present, Craiova ultras have divided their South side in 2: the block in which Sezione Ultra'(the biggest group) are present and another one, with 4 groups: Ultras, Praetoria, Girls and Blue Lions.

One of the most important groups for the Romanian scene was born in 1995 in Timisoara, with the name Commando Viola Ultra' Curva Sud. Having as model, besides the obvious Italian ultras, their Serbian neighbors (the distance between Timisoara and Belgrade is quite small), they had quality members, with a true ultra' mentality. CVUCS were the first ones in Romania to make choreo actions. Unfortunately, their team relegated and then disappeared. However, their uniqueness and strong mentality are still examples for all Romanian ultras. In '02/'03 season, a team moved to Timisoara and took the name of Politehnica. This determined some boys to support the new team and the CVUCS were back. There is a long way to go to get to the level of the first members of CVUCS, there is a feeling of identification which needs to be filled but some groups inside CVUCS are on the right track.

In Cluj, very important city in Transilvania ( Romanian western region), the supporters of Universitatea Cluj are the ones who rule. Even if their team is in the lower divisions for a very long time, they never stopped sustaining their team. The ultra' block has the name Vecchia Guardia (since 1996).

In various periods of time, other groups made their presence powerful. Here are some examples…. At Farul Constanta (Constanta is a harbour at the Black Sea), the advantages of being in contact with the world started to be felt also in the supporters area. This is why in 1992 you could find a flag with the inscription "Ultras Farul" on it. Also at this team, Legiunea Marina had a significant presence in its beginning. In Arad, the old guard of supporters of UTA made the group Red Fighters, in 1998. In the same year, in Ploiesti, Lupii Galbeni became the ultras crowd of Petrolul, the local team.

The political views nowadays are left outside the stadium, even if you could have seen many right wing symbols at the beginning of the movement (used mostly to show our hate towards the former communist system of Ceasescu). As everywhere in the world we face with the commune enemy: police - ACAB! Even if we don't have hooligan elements, the police are trying to control everything and many time they start the trouble. Also lots of problems for the ultras are caused by the leaders of the crowds, which often are known more then the group itself and you get to the situation where many of these "capi di ultras" are getting paid for being silent by club's chiefs. This caused many internal problems inside the ultra'mobs.
The future for ultras in our country looks bad… With no support from the normal public, with fines which many times are bigger then the wage for a month of a normal Romanian, with a completely new generation of ultras changed every 2-3 years, it's very hard. But not impossible!

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Postby 1964 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:27 pm

At this time the crew of Otelul Galati and the crew of FC Vaslui are better than Farul, Petrolul, U Cluj, UTA...
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Postby Alessio » Thu Jun 28, 2007 8:12 pm

My friend is not so objective but is real that our crew managed to gain some respect lately..But we also respect the rest of fans all over the country because we know how difficult is to be an "ultras" in our country and we know that we have much to learn..
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Postby hasan1903 » Fri Jun 29, 2007 5:41 am

U Cluj has promoted, so i expect some good things from them this season
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Postby [Butt-head] » Mon Aug 06, 2007 4:43 pm

1964 wrote:At this time the crew of Otelul Galati and the crew of FC Vaslui are better than Farul, Petrolul, U Cluj, UTA...

i don't think so ! r u lost ?
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