Ultras Zrinjski Mostar (Article)

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Ultras Zrinjski Mostar (Article)

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Croat_Mo wrote:History of Ultras Zrinjski Mostar

Since football exists there are fans following it.Organised fan movement began to grow in the 50's when the fans of Brazilian NT made great atmosphere and gave big support to their players on the field.After that the fan movement includes countries like:England,Germany,France, and soon ex-Yugoslavia.

First organized group from the area of Yugoslavia was the fan group of Hajduk Split known as Torcida, which gain her name after the fanatical fans of Brazilian NT.Torcida has its first match on 28.10.1950, when Hajduk meets Red Star Belgrade, and Hajduk, with fanatical support from their fans, has managed to beat the club from Belgrade, and win the first place in Yugo league. After that game KPJ bans any fan gatherings, and the founders of Torcida end up in jails, allegedly because of the subversion of state, apropos expanding national hatred.

After that in ex state many fan groups are born. In Zagreb there are "Purgeri", who, in the middle of 80's, take name "Bad Blue Boys", in Belgrade there are Grobari(Gravediggers), Cigani(Gypsies) later named Delije(Heroes), in Rijeka Armada...

In Bosnia and Herzegovina organized supports starts somewhat slower than other parts of that country. Fans are gathered in organized groups in Sarajevo, Mostar and Zenica, while the other towns follow them very slowly. In Sarajevo two groups are born one named "The Maniacs", who are fans of Željezničar, and other "Horde Zla"(Gang of evil), who support Sarajevo.

Considering the fan movement in Mostar, it starts in the early 80's. However, in old writings, apropos in HŠK Zrinjski Mostar biography, published in 1993, it is noted that on the Zrinjski match, played under the reflectors, there were more than 500 fans of Zrinjski who came from Široki Brijeg and after that game big celebrations were organized.

In the early 80's fans in Mostar are organised in more little fan groups which lasts till the start of civil war in Yugoslavia. In that period on the stadium "Pod Bijelim Brijegom" 2000-3000 hardcore fans gathered, but from time to time it was declining following all sorts of happening both in heads of the fans and in the heads of Board who wanted to shut down any organized supporting in Mostar.

With the begining of the war for year or two the fan movement in Mostar was totally shut down. In the year 1992. in Međugorje, the functioning of HŠK "Zrinjski" is restaurated, following the awaking of organized supporting in the city on Neretva.
In the year 1993. the idea of starting one fan group who would follow Zrinjski on every game was born. Also that year it is decided that they are called Ultras, rolemodeling on fan groups all over Europe.

There were some who opposed to that name, but in the end it was approved, so the name Ultras is linked with those hardcore fans of Zrinjski, who are gathered on the east stand - known as "Stajanje"(Standing) on Zrinjski games.

In April of 1994. the Iniciative board of Zrinjski's fan group, Ultras was made, and it had the purpose to, in deadline of two years, organize fan Assembly. However, because of the war happenings, and the negligence that didn't happen. Still fans continue to go on the games, and Zrinjski played its home matched, mostly friendly ones in Imotski(Croatia), or on the stadium "Pecara" in Široki Brijeg.

In the year 1994. in Mostar the final match for the champion of then called HR H-B had been played.The final match was between Zrinjski and Mladost Dubint from Široki Brijeg(today called NK "Široki Brijeg"). In very interesting match fans didn't see no goals, so the result remained 0:0. Attendance on that game was arround 5000, and the hardcore ones about 400, who were placed on the central west stand. Also on that game first banner of Ultras could be seen. So that game remained noted as the first game where Ultras, somehow spontaneously, gathered on the match of their beloved club.

After that game new page in history of fan movement is written. A year later Ultras are gathering on basketball matches of Zrinjski, and some away matches are recorded.

In the year 1997. u in croatian centre Herceg Stjepan Kosača the first Ultras Assembly is organized and it held around 400 people of this fan group. After that gathering one of the top Ultras subgroups were "Zrinjevci", who could be seen on almost every match Zrinjski played. From that period a lot of away matches are recorded all over Herzegovina mostly in : Kiseljak, Vitez, Rama, Orašje ...

A year later Zrinjski, for the first time, is trying to go out in Europe over B&H Champion Play offs. " The noble ones" are in the group with Željezničar and Bosna Visoko, and all games are played on the stadium Koševo, Sarajevo. We could easily say that Ultras are the first one that crossed then the war border with fan signs and came organized in Sarajevo. On Koševo in front of 10000 people there were about 50 Ultras who cheered the whole game but that didn't help Zrinjski to win the game. Zrinjski lost 2:1, and in that match Blaž Slišković ,who is one of the best players from ex-Yugoslavia, played for Zrinjski.

By the begining of the year 2000. Zrinjski fans can be seen everywhere in B&H where Zrinjski plays, and a lot of things are done on the marketing part, so the stadium stands look more atractive. A lot of flags are produced, and smoke bombs and flareshows are always there on Zrinjski home matches.

Year 2000. will also be remembered as the first one in which teams from both federations(Bosniaks and Croats) played together. In that year Zrinjski goes out in Europe in Intertoto cup.

Zrinjski played in Intertoto Cup against Vastra Frolunda from Sweden then very unknown team. First game was played in Sweden in front of 1500 people including a massive Zrinjski support from about 500 people who came all over Sweden and Scandinavia. The supporting was lead by 100 Ultras from Scandinavia and Mostar. Unfortunately Zrinjski lost with 1:0 which later turned out to be just enough for the Sweds.

Rematch in Mostar was played in front of 7000 people. Hardcore Ultras took the east stand, Stajanje, in number of 2500 people, but that didn't help Zrinjski to go through as the final score was 2:1 for Zrinjski not enough because of the away goal Vastra Frolunda scored.

In the following years Ultras are very active on every Zrinjski match. There are trips organized in: Bihać, Orašje, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Trebinje, East Sarajevo, Široki Brijeg, Posušje... The home games are recognised for the great number of flares, a lot of coreographies and everything that is counted as a typical fan procedure.

Year 2005 and Zrinjski for the first time brings to Mostar the Champion titule. Big celebrations are held on the streets of Mostar and they last a couple of days, and the last round of the championship against Slavija from East Sarajevo brings out probably the biggest flareshow in fan history of B&H.On that game Ultras have burned around 400 flares, beautifully organized, and all that was showed in several occasions on Eurosport, leading sports network in Europe.

After the magnificent triumph of Zrinjski in BH Championship, there was a test in European Champions League. Zrinjski's opponent was the champion of Luxembourg, club named F91 Dudelange. On the away game in Luxembourg travels around 100 Ultras, followed by Zrinjski fans from Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt...Unfortunately Zrinjski didn't manage to continue CL even after a great win in Luxembourg.
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